Precision Processing Services Specialised Waterjet Cutting Fibre Laser Cutting

SMETEC Services, located on the Southcoast of NSW, are a specialised processing service utilising the most advanced Waterjet technologies on the market today.

Working closely with Australian Speciality Steel Manufacturer, Bisalloy Steels, SMETEC Services offers unique precision capabilities when it comes to Exotic Materials such as Ballistic Armour for the Australian Defence Force.

With our top of the line Waterjet Cutting Machinery, and our expertly skilled team, who have many years of experience with materials cutting, it enables our business to meet your company’s needs with minimal delay. We serve both Domestic and International markets, with the ability to transport to the most remote locations at home and abroad, ensuring that your project is completed in a timely manner to the quality that SMETEC is known for.



Waterjet Cutting & Fiber Laser

SMETEC services uses the latest machinery to provide a range of cutting services to clients along the NSW South Coast and anywhere in Australia.

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