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SMETEC Services is your one stop shop for materials cutting in Australia. Here we answer some common questions about our machinery and line of work. If you have any further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team!

How does Water Jet cutting work?

The waterjet cutting has a couple of processes to make the magic happen!

Stage one is where a highly efficient Electro-servo pump increases tap pressure to beyond 45,000 psi, (310,000 Kpa) to create an intense stream of high energy water for the cutting process, in our case this stream is cycled between 55,000psi-65,000 psi!

Stage two the water is diverted into a small orifice made of an extremely hard wearing stone to create a high-powered water stream. This allows the machine to concentrate the high energy water stream onto a small point on the material.

These 2 stages then produce and eroding effect which cuts the material very accurately & efficiently.

What is the Accuracy?

Accuracy varies according to the texture and thickness of the materials that you are using as well as the cut quality desired.

Our machine has the latest technology in the Water Jet industry and allows us to program the speed and accuracy from an inbuilt set of parameters that have been researched over many years of cutting years ensuring the desired results are achieved for your materials. With the backing of industry partners we have the knowledge and experience to achieve the results you need.

How thick can my materials be?

Range is normally between 0.1mm and 150mm thick. Hard materials are usually cut within a 1mm to 120mm range. Thicker materials can be cut and the results depend on some varying factors such as Quality of finish, Speed, Actual material being cut.

Why Choose Water Jet over other methods?

Water Jet technology enables us to process a broader range of materials due to the nature of its process. The added advantage of delivering an accuracy and products to a finish second to none.

Advantages of Water Jet technology:
Nil heat effected zones on materials being cut, this is especially important in fields such as Aviation and process industry due to the safety nature of equipment being used.

No noxious/harmful fumes are produced during the cutting process. This enable us to cut materials such as exotic steels & Plastics

Fragile/Composite materials can be cut without pre treatment allowing diversity in use of these specialty products.

Extremely small cutting width ensuring maximum use of materials saving costs and handling.

  • Materials that can be processed with Water Jet Include, but not limited to:
  • STONE Floor/Wall Inlays, Kitchen & Vanity Tops, Architectural Stone, Dekton ┬«, Neolith
  • METALS Stainless, Tool Steel, Aluminium, Brass/Copper, Titanium, Nickel, Laminates like Kevlar
  • GASKETS Automotive/Marine etc, Metal/Fibreglass, Rubber/Cork, Graphite Laminates
  • FOAM & RUBBER, Custom Foam Packaging, Automotive Interiors, Dense Foams, Natural Rubbers
  • AVIATION (No Heat Affected cutting)
  • GLASS Balustrading, Kitchen Splash Backs, Shower Screens, Laminated & Bullet Proof, Flooring/table/wall inlays Stained
Will waterjet technology effectively cut my material?

There are limitations to every piece of machinery, however Water Jet has very little with only a few materials such as soft fabrics & toughened glass. If you are unsure if your piece can be cut with our machine please contact us and we will happily discuss your product and work out a solution that best suits.

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